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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How early (or late) do you make appointments?

A: We are open Monday-Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-1.

Q: Do you take Medicare?

A: No. Medicare does not cover any general routine dentistry, therefore we do not take it.

Q: How much does a visit cost?

A: The cost of treatment depends on each person’s dental needs and treatment choices.

Q: Do you take medicaid/KanCare?

A: No.

Q: Can I make payments?

A: We do require payment at time of service; however, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover as well as Care Credit. You can apply for a Care Credit account online by clicking here.   https://www.carecredit.com/

Q: Do you take my insurance?

A: We contract as a premier provider for Delta Dental and a Dental Plus Provider for BCBS of KS.

Q: Do you have weekend appointments?

A: No 

Q: Is there any way you can fix my partial and/or denture?

A: Depending on how the partial or denture broke, it may be possible to repair it. We have a full service dental lab on site to help with such repairs. An impression of the patient’s teeth may be necessary. If the partial or denture cannot be repaired, the doctor can visit with the patient about replacement options.

Q: Why do you need to take x-rays?

A: Dental X-rays are a useful diagnostic tool when helping your dentist detect damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam. How often X-rays should be taken depends on your present oral health, your age, your risk for disease, and any signs and symptoms of oral disease.

Q: Will bleaching my teeth change the color of my fillings or crowns?

A: No, bleaching will not change the color of your existing work.

Q: What is CEREC?

A: CEREC is an acronym... Chairside: The technology is in the dental operatory and used while you are in the chair Economical: The procedure is economical for both dentist and patient Restorations: The procedure restores your tooth to its natural beauty, function, and strength of Esthetic: The restorations are metal-free and tooth-colored Ceramic: High-strength ceramics are used that are close in composition to your natural tooth structure.

Q: How many appointments do I need to have a crown made?

A: With CEREC Technology we are able to make the majority of our crowns in one office visit. Your tooth is restored with no "temporary" or return trip necessary.

Q: What is a root canal?

A: This procedure involves the removal of the nerve inside a tooth. When a root dies it needs to be removed from inside the tooth to treat infection and as preventative maintenance.

Q: Do I need a pre-med and why?

A: We all have bacteria in our mouths, and a number of dental treatments—and even daily routines like brushing or flossing—can allow that bacteria to enter the bloodstream (bacteremia). For most of us, this isn’t a problem. A healthy immune system prevents these bacteria from causing any harm. There is concern, however, that for some people bacteremia can cause an infection elsewhere in the body, so at times physicians and dentists recommend that a patient take antibiotics before certain dental procedures. This is called “antibiotic prophylaxis” or sometimes referred to as a pre-med. Antibiotic prophylaxis recommendations exist for several groups of patients:

  • Those with artificial heart valves
  • Those with a history of infective endocarditis
  • Those with an artificial joint

Q: At what age should I bring my kids in to see you?

A: The ADA recommends a child’s first visit to the dentist be no later than their first birthday. This visit will establish a dental home for your child. Early examination and prevention care will protect your child’s smile now and in the future.